Lincoln Alerts 10.19.12 Thursday was a repeat of Monday where every chart was working like planned. I love those days. The trade room was in high gear as well¬†with¬†nice trades on OEH AEGR QCOR GIVN and MCP. Only bum trade was ALGN¬†and that¬†was¬†one¬†of mine. Anyway¬†that’s¬†what makes TheLincolnList thrive is a community of traders working together. […]

Lincoln Alerts 10.9.12 +800 in gains from The Day Trade Room. See the session notes¬† This week only 20% off of my new Champ Camp Nice to the day from our overnight hold on MDRX and a¬†follow through¬†short on CLF. All around we made the right decisions at the right times. Trading the market like […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.26.12 Tuesday trades¬†$PPHM¬†+1125¬†$URBN¬†-90¬†$BODY+110¬†$ROSG¬†-130¬†$LVS¬†+80 Total +1085 In wasnt but less than an hour in and I was already up a full 1k on a massive PPHM trade. Thats the¬†second¬†day in a row I hit that PPHM at the open for a nice gain The volitle stocks and the late day¬†fakers¬†are where all the money […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.25.12 Living La Vida VVUS Big trades right at the open on VVUS and PPHM . It¬†wasn’t¬†but a day or two ago that I outlined this VVUS trade to a tee in the watchlist. This thing has been like the second coming of FB where we just keep shorting every pop in the […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.18.12- Chop and Slop but TheLincoln Wont Flop IRONY- I just did this post last night and ¬†bam… big overnight winner for Lincoln Million on FOR Choppy back and forth market Monday but we seemed to be in all the right trades. Right off the bat we hit FOR SINA and JAZZ- all […]

Lincoln Alerts Watchers for 8.28.12 Great¬†start¬†to the day with big hits in PCYC and GDOT. Then we had some nice late day fades in CAR and HTZ. I’m starting to fall in love with that PCYC it has tons of range and it has been pretty smooth for day trading and these late day faders […]

Lincoln Alerts 7.18.12- A Pharma a Day Keeps You Paid Update stats for both Swing and Daytrade programs here Stingy but progressive is the theme. Both LincolnList programs are putting up consistant and profitable numbers no matter what the market does. ¬†My excitement as of late is the addition of Lincoln Alerts ( Day Trading […]

+200k In profits, +80c For a Slacker and Bruce Lee Helps Trading Lincoln Alerts crosses +180% realized gains for 2012. Get an all access pass with no credit card Lincoln Million closes out another +80c gainer account is +460% Both top rated services from TheLincolnList can be Auto Traded

Lincoln Alerts- 7.5.12- Auto Bot To start off I’m excited that auto trading will be available for Lincoln Alerts in the very very near future, like days. The auto trade feature has been working real well in the Lincoln Million Swing program so I think this will be another great feature for TheLincolnList. When you […]

This weeks post –¬†Ugly Actresses, Helicopters and Cheap Champagne Lincoln Million Crosses +450% net gains Since November 2011 With the close of AMBT Lincoln Alerts Day Trade Room Stats rival the best Top ranking newsletter on