Lincoln Alerts 9.18.12- Chop and Slop but TheLincoln Wont Flop

IRONY- I just did this post last night and  bam… big overnight winner for Lincoln Million on FOR

Choppy back and forth market Monday but we seemed to be in all the right trades. Right off the bat we hit FOR SINA and JAZZ- all shorts and all nice wins. Remeber I went into this heavy on the webinar last week about how important gamplanning is If you do it right you can make all the money you need within the first 2 hours of the day and hit the beach after that.

The big news is Lincoln million- Read the post above, That program is turning people in to money making machines. You got to see these results at +600% in less than a year. If you are not in this you are missing out. The stock info alone is worth gold

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