Lincoln Million 10.1.12 A very important post about mistakes . A must read Not a bad month in September. The account closed up about 5% even with the GMCR and MITK trades. I updated the results here¬† At the end of this month will mark 1 year since I started Lincoln Million and thee account […]

How I Got Rich Making Mistakes I have a huge announcement to make next weekend- stay¬†tuned. ” If you haven’t failed then you haven’t lived” In 2004 I was attending a very large trader expo. In between the festivities I was sitting in their designated lounge area taking a break when this 71 year old […]

Lincoln Million 9.28.12 Nice +20% winning trade on AUDC that was a textbook set up and performed like a champ.Too bad it was a tough borrow for some.The important thing is to remember the pattern because there will be many more like it Tonights video is an overview of the AUDC an exit strategy for […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.27.12 Well it was another decent little trade on FOR. Nothing to get all giddy about but we’ll take the crumbs for now. To be honest I though FOR should have dropped a lot more¬†considering¬†it took out daily support. Because of that I felt it was best to take profits. Also, the SZYM […]

Lincoln Million 9.26.12 Tonight I have a different set up on the watchlist. There are so many of my top tier set ups available right now I cant keep up with them all. I have the outlay of the new AUDC trade with stops and targets. I know some of you were unable to find […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.26.12 Tuesday trades¬†$PPHM¬†+1125¬†$URBN¬†-90¬†$BODY+110¬†$ROSG¬†-130¬†$LVS¬†+80 Total +1085 In wasnt but less than an hour in and I was already up a full 1k on a massive PPHM trade. Thats the¬†second¬†day in a row I hit that PPHM at the open for a nice gain The volitle stocks and the late day¬†fakers¬†are where all the money […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.25.12 Living La Vida VVUS Big trades right at the open on VVUS and PPHM . It¬†wasn’t¬†but a day or two ago that I outlined this VVUS trade to a tee in the watchlist. This thing has been like the second coming of FB where we just keep shorting every pop in the […]

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