Lincoln Million 9.25.12 Back on track already with a nice trade today on VVUS. We spent most of the entire trade in the red on VVUS until we closed it out for a nice +30% profit. ¬†I even jumped¬†the¬†gun on that as some students got a full 100% on that trade- not too bad.¬†However, the […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.24.12 Nice week all the way through from the day trade room. Check out the new +18% gains already this month. The highlight of course was the +300% gain in 20 min from QCOR I did a¬†video¬†on how to trade this¬†pattern¬†right¬†here¬†. You can study a list of patterns from both services here Get […]

Lincoln Million 9.24.12 It was¬†bittersweet¬†to finally see GMCR dumping. It was nice to see the fade you knew was coming but it was a bummer that the option contracts we were in expired Friday but that’s how it goes. On the good side it was mice to see VVUS take a dive and get that […]

Lincoln Million 9.21.12 More¬†sleepiness¬†and less¬†follow through¬†in the markets ¬†today. So surprising that late September we are¬†seeing¬†the same action as we did in July but¬†that’s¬†how it goes sometimes. I have a few¬†open¬†positions I want to talk about tonight as a new¬†game plan¬†has been established for APKT GMCR MTK and NTE. ¬†and new¬†watchers¬†LIVE PPHM SREV and TSTC. […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.19.12 Quick note- I will be absent from the trading room from 1:30 Est until 3:30 Est Zzzzzzzzzzz. That’s how it was after the first 2 hours for day traders. You get these¬†sleepy¬†days here and¬†there¬†but you will learn that through your trading career the majority of the money you will make will come […]

  I must have searched a hundred stocks but never found anything to get behind today. There are a few set ups that should play out for us tomorrow. No¬†sense¬†in¬†rushing¬†anything.I decided in tonights watchlist to discuss a plan for VVUS ¬†tomorrow. ¬†I don’t want to get too deep in the hole on that one like […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.18.12- Chop and Slop but TheLincoln Wont Flop IRONY- I just did this post last night and ¬†bam… big overnight winner for Lincoln Million on FOR Choppy back and forth market Monday but we seemed to be in all the right trades. Right off the bat we hit FOR SINA and JAZZ- all […]