Lincoln Million 9.11.12 All kinds of stuff moving around early but the action still feels like it’s the summer. The SPY is hanging up there and you get the feeling with the low volume action this¬†thing¬†is going to get sold off sometime this week in a heavy¬†fashion. If it does that should help out a […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.11.12 Do you make a good trade and then a bad one, then a good one etc. This is why you do that. If you¬†haven’t¬†checked out the new trade room structure make sure to¬†capitalize¬†on the 14 day free trial. We have had 17 +20% months in a row so its worth the time […]

Lincoln Million 9.7.12 Most¬†Astronomers¬†say that 2012 will be the end of time. If that is¬†true¬†at least we will¬†parish¬†rich as this SPY trade was¬†another¬†Goliath¬†of a winner. Those 5 extra calls I added Monday turned out to be perfect timing. We stuck in there for a while and we were rewarded for that. Also at the bell […]

Lincoln Million 9.6.12 Even though the summer is technically behind us we are still¬†seeing¬†some sloppy afternoon markets. Most of the positions we have open are just staying within a tight range. I did notice that good ole’ BCOR hit 16 again, we probably¬†should¬†short that thing because it never holds,lol. Tonight I go over the new […]