Lincoln Million 12.31.12 Reminder-¬†I will¬†not be working on Monday- I will be checking the positions here and there and if an important trade has to be made I will issue an alert Also, I want to thank all of you for your support of TheLincolnList in 2012. The Lincoln Million program returned an incredible¬†+733% ¬†in […]

Lincoln Alerts 12.28.12- Worlds Over- World Is Not Over Just yesterday I mentioned in my post that the beauty of being a trader is you never know what is going to happen next and Thursday showed that. Look at the SPY chart for the day. It almost finished the day right where it started. As […]

Lincoln Million 12.28.12 Another congrats shout out to all those who took the DQ trade, that was a monster percent winner and it¬†played¬†out perfectly. On the other hand it was a wild day in the market for sure. This fiscal cliff ¬†is like an anaconda choke hold on the market. One minute it looked like […]

Lincoln Alerts 12.27.12 Nice day back to work after Christmas. We went 7 for 8 on trades and found a real gem in DQ. This was a nice trade all day. Every time I think of DQ though I think of the Dairy Queen. However, DQ the stock is not the tasty Dairy Queen ¬†it […]

Lincoln Million 12.27.12 I was thinking this last week of the year would be slow but who knew we would end up getting two new trades on the books Wednesday. They were just too good to pass up. That’s always been the beauty of the market you never know. Also, tonight I want to go […]

Lincoln Alerts 12.26.12 With 4 trading days left in 2012 Lincoln Million is soooo close to +800% gains Hope all of you had a great holiday and didnt gain too much weight. With 4 trading days left this year this is a time to reflect on our milestones and begin to set new goals for […]

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