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The First Step To Your Success Starts January 25th 2016


Remember Champ Camp Is Limited To 15 Students To Provide A Unique One-On-One Educational Experience




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Course Overview:

One to One Personal Coaching And Development

The Formula To Profiting Daily No Matter What State The Market Is In

How To Make Trading A Career In Less Than 3 Months

How To Find The Right Stocks To Trade

Mindset And Psychological Development

How To Get Firms To Margin You Large Amounts Of Capital

5 patterns that work in any market

Advanced Charting Techniques

A Downloadable Recorded Link To All Classes So You Can Rewatch Them Over And Over Again 

Unlimited Retakes To ALL Future Champ Camp Courses

Two Free Months To TheLincolnList Live Trade Room: A 250 Value *

Course Dates:


Week 1 Jan 25th 26th 28th

Week 2 Feb 1st 2nd 4th

Week 3 Feb 8th 9th 11th

Week 4 Feb 15th 16th 17th

Week 5 Feb 22nd 23rd 25th



Do You Want To Be Great?

Ara Parasheghian said- A good coach will make their people see what they can be rather than what they are. Are you ready to bring out the best in yourself? The greatness,consistency and success you are looking for is right in front of you but only if you a willing to step up to the challenge. I can show you exactly what it took for me to recover from 29 straight losing months and over -$162,000 in trading losses. I can show you how to build a long term sustainable trading business no matter where you are at right now with your trading career. Good, bad or god awful disastrous, I can turn your trading around in just the first lesson. With 16 years of trading experience and two trading newsletters with over triple digit percentage gains in 2015, your game will be raised to a level you thought was previously unattainable.

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And Like This Guy Who Trades While Traveling to Formula 1 Races All Summer!


 “Champ Camp”

The name says it all. “If you want to be a champ you must attend the camp”. Champ Camp features every trick, tactic and strategy that has made me a profitable trader . With over 50 hours of comprehensive live one on one training you simply can not learn faster and reach your financial goals quicker than by attending Champ Camp. Courses are only held 2 times per year and slots fill fast so be sure to enroll now.

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Only 999.99 


Once Paid There Are No Refunds On This Course
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