Lincoln Million 9.5.12 Not a bad start to the month from the day trade side but I saw nothing I really fell in love with as a swing. I did however take the opportunity to add in my master account some Lincoln Million Trades as I outlined in yesterdays email, Here is what I did. […]

Lincoln Alerts Stocks for 9.4.12 Ask¬†yourself¬†this HUGE! that¬†describes¬†August. With +22% gains on my day¬†trade¬†account and +35% on Lincoln Million I¬†couldn’t¬†be happier. I’m so happy I’ve decide to start taking much larger position¬†sizes¬†in Lincoln Million by utilizing my master account. I’ll still be taking the¬†trades¬†in my Lincoln Million account but I’m going to see where this […]

How would you rate a general who rushed into battle without a plan and a highly trained team to support them? A general who squandered blood, sweat and tears without a strategy? And yet, you fight the toughest battle in history as a trader, every day, like an unprepared general without a plan or a […]

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