Lincoln Million 9.18.12 We are starting to get spoiled now on these 1 day overnight winners. Next thing you know we’ll be complaining if we have to wait longer than a day for our profits on these trades. All joking aside it was a nice little trade on FOR and a great way to start […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.16.12 New post¬†I Will Give You This But Not That Huge week in both services. I said at the¬†beginning¬†of the month I was going to double up on Lincoln Million swing calls and so far that put close to 1k extra in my pocket last week. Add that in to my day trade […]

Lincoln Million 9.17.12 Lincoln Million trades and stats have been updated Last week was a killer week for Lincoln Million with nice wins on SIMO ARUN and FB. At this point it looks like we are going to lose 100 % of the premium on SRPT and 80% or more on GMCR last half. Even […]

‚ÄúA wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.‚Ä̬†?¬†Francis Bacon, op¬∑por¬∑tu¬∑ni¬∑ty-[op-er-too-ni-tee,]-¬†a¬†good¬†position,¬†chance,¬†or¬†prospect,¬†as¬†for¬†advancement¬†or success. If you think of every great moment of¬†success¬†in your life, weather¬†professionally¬†or personally, it was created by an opportunity. Sometimes we seize these small windows of¬†opportunities¬†when we see them and other times we luck in to them. Nonetheless, what is important is that […]

Lincoln Million 9.14.12 For the last few days I have been liking this NTE chart. it looked like after the big market rally that it was going to clear that 10.70 resistance but it was a no go. I still like this one heading into tomorrow and have the¬†strategy¬†laid out in¬†tonight¬†video. I also have¬†some¬†pre placed […]

Lincoln Alerts 9.13.12 Lincoln Million goes 3 for 3 on FB ARUN and SIMO. Account now over +600% this year It was a slow roast profit day with ¬†close to +1k in gains on 2 monster shorts from GMCR. Just like NTE last week GMCR decided to to take a small dive. The best part […]

Lincoln Million 9.13.12 First off congrats to all on the FB SIMO and ARUN trades. All 3 totaled about $2 in booked gains, not bad. Plus it was nice to unload 3 trades by lunch and free up some cash and the profits will help make up for some of the slackers in the portfolio. […]

Lincoln Million 9.12.12 New Post Why you lose Looks like perfect timing strikes again. There are no guarantees but FB has ripped a good $1 after hours at least that is a nice start. Im not sure I¬†covered¬†it in the video but the stop is 18.50 on FB and the target is 22 .Also, I […]

Why You Lose. They Have a Name for That “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at them”.- ¬†David Brinkley Have you ever watched someone do something spectacular and you said to yourself ” How did they do that” Have you ever wondered what¬†separates¬†the average […]