Lincoln Alerts Stocks for 11.14.12 Need some help trading? Train with me for 14 days for $1 dollar Check the performance numbers for both Lincoln Million Swing Account and Lincoln Alerts Day trade account Watchlist GILD DVAX CLNE ARII

How My Strategy Made +1100 in 3 Hrs Free video lesson on how to hit the right entry When done get in chat so I can show you in real time Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Lincoln Alerts 9.18.12- Chop and Slop but TheLincoln Wont Flop IRONY- I just did this post last night and  bam… big overnight winner for Lincoln Million on FOR Choppy back and forth market Monday but we seemed to be in all the right trades. Right off the bat we hit FOR SINA and JAZZ- all […]

Lincoln Alerts 6.29.30 What Can I Say It was another stellar chat session with another 7 out of 9 trades as winners. The morning sessions are on fire but I’m having a hard time staying awake in the afternoons. There are so many patches of silence mid day that my you tube watching has gone […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.18.12 BSET by No Woes. I was just rambling about the +100% gains in the last 2 weeks along with 9 straight double digit gainer trades from the Lincoln Million Swing Program yesterday and now you might as well make it a perfect 10! With the close of our BSET, short, which was a +11% gainer, Lincoln Million Swing positions have gone […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.4.12 -You Get Paid To Hang Out With Me. A nice +1k day for me on Thursday but get this, there were a few people spending their first day in the Lincoln Alerts trade room on a free trial that made in excess of $400 each. Man, that’s awesome but that just the kind of […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.2.12 Maiesta, Honor and Reverence ” It’s all about the bucks kid, everything else is conversational.” Gordon Gekko 1987 Sure feels good to be close to summer. The month of May is named after Maiesta, the Roman goddess of honor and reverence and was once the 3rd month in the Roman calendar. May […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.19.12 They Showed Their Dirty Faces Again Another 35% winner from Lincoln Million Swing Account Man, OPHC and PNBC After all the ranting I’ve done about OPHC and PNBC, I wet in my drawers when I saw those two fools up +30% this morning. I was all bummed out Trade Station didn’t have […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.10.12- Revenge of The Nerds How I made another +800 on Monday buying into panic How I held a short and banked +100% In a time not so long ago jocks ruled the world. Landing all the pretty girls, driving sweet Trans Am sports cars and getting scholarships to accredited universities. All the while the […]

Lincoln Stocks 3.28.12- It was Kinda Green Monday Trades $VVUS +110 $ARNA 0 $ZAGG +170 $VVUS +550 $FSLR 0 $KORS -50 Total +$800 Tuesday Trades  $GMCR +150 $YOKU +350 $RENN -130 $REE +30 $REDF 0 $YELP +50- total- +$470 Get these stock picks sent to your inbox daily plus 20 free training lessons Well my gold […]