Lincoln Alerts 4.10.12- Revenge of The Nerds

How I made another +800 on Monday buying into panic

How I held a short and banked +100%

In a time not so long ago jocks ruled the world. Landing all the pretty girls, driving sweet Trans Am sports cars and getting scholarships to accredited universities. All the while the  poor geeks were being chastised over their fashion choices of pocket protectors, high rise pants and their obsession with science fiction movies. Not anymore. With this explosion in social media these 21st century geeks  are billionaires.

Interesting thing is they never got rich by creating a cure for cancer or how to stop war. Nope, they got rich from the rest of us fools who think it’s cool to post our ridiculous happy hour photos online and trying to stay connected with people we haven’t seen in 20 years who we never really wanted to stay connected with anyway. Guess we’re the nerds now.

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