Lincoln Alerts 5.2.12 Maiesta, Honor and Reverence

” It’s all about the bucks kid, everything else is conversational.” Gordon Gekko 1987

Sure feels good to be close to summer. The month of May is named after Maiesta, the Roman goddess of honor and reverence and was once the 3rd month in the Roman calendar. May was a celebratory month as it marked theĀ beginningĀ of a new solstice. Now May is just a time to get drunk, bbq andĀ celebrateĀ Memorial Day. None of that has anything to do with trading but TheLincolnList is all about educating the masses.

We had another decent day in the trade room. While thisĀ marketĀ continues toĀ frustrateĀ seasonedĀ veterans,Ā we keep nibbling on decent trades here and there, taking what we can get. AsĀ I’veĀ always said it’s the traders who survive in the crap and choppy markets that stick around long term.

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