Lincoln Alerts 9.25.12 Living La Vida VVUS

Big trades right at the open on VVUS and PPHM . It wasn’t but a day or two ago that I outlined this VVUS trade to a tee in the watchlist. This thing has been like the second coming of FB where we just keep shorting every pop in the day trade room and getting away with it. But the real sweetness came over the last 2 days because the Lincoln Million swing program has been sitting on some VVUS puts for a while and they came good real fast. I was so excited to bag a quick 30% I sold out a little to early and left a little on the table as VVUS sold off almost straight to the bell. I’m a huge advocate of being prepared and because of our morning preparation these trades on VVUS and PPHM were easy to get into. Join us life tomorrow

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