Lincoln Alerts 6.29.30 What Can I Say It was another stellar chat session with another 7 out of 9 trades as winners. The morning sessions are on fire but I’m having a hard time staying awake in the afternoons. There are so many patches of silence mid day that my you tube watching has gone […]

Lincoln Alerts 6.28.12 4 Digits of Love It was a busy day in the trade room from bell to bell. With 7 out of 9 trades as winners and about +1300 in profit ¬†I was exhausted but 4 digits wealthier. Not to mention Lincoln Million booked yet another nice overnight gainer on THLD. That makes […]

Lincoln Alerts 6.8.12 WPRT’ed Tour in the UK Perfectionatly huge Trade from the mall It is almost impossible to play a stock any better than we played WPRT Thursday. I mean we hit that thing perfect. I did a video on that here. But the hell with me and my trades. What awesome is this […]

Lincoln Alerts 6.7.12 Mind the Gap Please My teachers said I would never amount to anything Gap up days in the market take the fun out of everything. On gap up days most of the action happens in the first hour with a swarm of buying and¬†that’s¬†it. After that it’s hard to get a pullback […]

Lincoln Alerts 6.5.12 Strength in Numbers Big Bigger The vibe in chat is off the hook. I had a decent day with wins on ¬†but there was plenty of other big alerts from the established members in the room. When we work together like this we are virtually unstoppable. I’ve said TheLincolnList is not a […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.30.12 Summer Will Make You Dumb New performance results-¬†Lincoln¬†Alerts up +110% for the year. Lincoln Million up +322% for the year Touching blog post I would say that the start of this years summer has been very lazy from a trading standpoint. It seem like things are moving in slow motion. This prompted […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.29.12 Respect the Moose’s. A Story of Patriotism It’s a crazy market but my 50k Day Trade account is up 9k this month Want to make money. Now you can become a LincolnList Affiliate. A touching Blog post about¬†Respecting the Moose’s. A Story of Patriotism

Lincoln Alerts 5.25.12- Mean GENE Trades $ROSG +480 $QIHU +50 $GENE +100 $P +105 $ROSG +430 $GENE +100 $ROSG +290 Total +1555 GENE was a merciless rip fest of epicness Thursday. I was short this thing then added etc. I only made 200 bucks on it, that may not sound like much money but I […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.23.12. A Storm Is Coming TheLincolnList is starting to become synonyms with monster profits. Right out of the gate we closed out another double digit short trade on EFUT from The Lincoln Million Swing Program. The last few short trades from Lincoln Million look like this OPHC +44% ARNA +30% FSLR +51% JIVE […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.22.12 So What Happens Now Aesop never drank Seagrams Trades¬†SYNC¬†+460 PCYC +40 BWS +200 AH -20 QCOR +180 PVA 0 FB -160 Total +620 Now that we got the long¬†awaited¬†mattress¬†bounce in the markets, what’s next? Do you load long or was this just a panic bounce. Well, were going to find out in […]