Lincoln Alerts 7.18.12- A Pharma a Day Keeps You Paid

Update stats for both Swing and Daytrade programs here

Stingy but progressive is the theme. Both LincolnList programs are putting up consistant and profitable numbers no matter what the market does.  My excitement as of late is the addition of Lincoln Alerts ( Day Trading Newsletter) to the auto trading feature. In just two days in and allocating about 6k pr trade the profits are roughly 200 bucks. That’s around +500 a week -+2,000 pr month and +24k a year without doing anything and it should only get better. Watch this video about it

These pharmas a turning into little ATM’s if you can be fast enough. We’ve seen monster moves out of AUXL ROSG  ALNY and today a huge mover in STEM. Who will it be tomorrow. Every day there is a new face printing +50% to 100% in a single day. Make yourself a bio list of stocks under $15 at and line’em up

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