Lincoln Million 8.31.12 We have been very fortunate with our spot on timing with these last few¬†trades,¬†especially¬†MCP and GMCR. Even the watchers like FSLR have turned out well. These all were easy +30% short gainers. I hope most of you got in on these and there will be more coming. The best thing to do […]

Lincoln Million 8.30.12 We got a nice month working here so far the Lincoln Million account is up about +35% for the month. In addition to the explanation of our GMCR short in tonights video I have a lesson on taking profits and a brief chat about options. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Lincoln Alerts Watchers for 8.28.12 Great¬†start¬†to the day with big hits in PCYC and GDOT. Then we had some nice late day fades in CAR and HTZ. I’m starting to fall in love with that PCYC it has tons of range and it has been pretty smooth for day trading and these late day faders […]

Lincoln Million 8.28.12 First I think I feel good about dumping that BCOR. It¬†wasn’t¬†bad at all in the win-loss column but it sure felt like a junker to own. Also i started into a new position QIHU which I discuss in¬†tonight’s¬†video. I have been asked a few times about alerts and why no stops and […]

Lincoln Million 8.27.12 We’ve had a nice little run here of some decent trades. It was nice to aactually see my crappy EDU trade touch green for a second on Friday. For those of us that have been gritting teeth on that lets see if this thing starts to sell off some.¬†Even though¬†August has been […]

See how I made $10,000 of my 50k Day trade Account See How Lincoln Million Auto Trading Could Make You +1,500 While You are Doing Something Else We put in another solid week in the trade room. Things are coming together nicely there with some nice trades on MCP MCRS and PCYC. Those trades put […]

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