Lincoln Million 10.29.12 We got the 2fer special going on Friday with two new open positions on FB and SKYW ¬†Tomorrow is a big day with the first class of Champ Camp if you are not in now is the time as the next courses will most¬†likely¬†be more expensive and as a member of ¬†TheLincolnList […]

Lincoln Alerts 10.26.12 5 for 6 on trades Thursday.¬†Performance¬†looking good this month Champ Camp starts Monday This will be deep and effective¬† This is turning out to be a nice week overall. Some real solid trades and nice set ups. I have been working like mad on this ¬†Champ Camp. This course will be awesome […]

Lincoln Million 10.26.12 I’m¬†having¬†a¬†knack¬†for picking stocks and they¬†suddenly¬†go nuts. We had JRCC ¬†yesterday and today GIVN. That thing exploded minutes after we bought in and just like a lot of low floaters they come right back. We’ll see how this thing performs tomorrow. Tonight I go over the GIVN trade and offer a different strategy […]

Lincoln Alerts- “Power Hour” We all know the most¬†attractive¬†part of trading is the opportunity. You just never know when the next prime opportunity is going to come by. For the most part Wednesday was slow for me just picking up small trades here and there and the towards the last hour we¬†nailed¬†two large wins in […]

Lincoln Million 10.25.12 What a nice late day call on JRCC. Irony is I just mentioned I was going to start sending out alerts for trades I liked but¬†couldn’t¬†take and what a nice start. I didn’t expect it to drop so fast. I had it in my mind as a swing but man did it […]

Lincoln Million 10.24.12 More and more congrats to go around as we sealed up 2 wins on Tuesday on AUDC and OREX. We have been on a roll¬†lately¬†and¬†maybe…just maybe, I’m really wanting that 700% gain by November 1st. As most of you know that is the 1 year anniversary of this program and we need […]

Lincoln Alerts 10.23.12 This trader hasnt had losing month in a few years ¬†Watch this Monday was an amazing start to the week with another +80% win rate on trades. We took all the¬†missteps¬†and miss outs from ZIOP on Friday and parlayed that into one monster trade on MNST. Same set up – different stock. […]

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