Lincoln Alerts 4.12.12- Good as NEWL Wednesday Trades $HEAT +375 $GPRC +100 $SVU -10 $RENN -40 NIHD -100 $NEWL +225 $GMCR -90 VRNG +350 Total +810 This NEWL is setting up like the last 5 double digit short gainers I’ve had this month. If you can secure shares to short this could be a nice […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.11.12 ” You Can’t Win but You Sure Can Lose My 5th straight +50% ¬†gaining short trade in April Take TheLincoln for a test drive Those who follow racing series of any kind know there is a saying that goes ” You can’t win the championship in the first race but you can […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.10.12- Revenge of The Nerds How I made another +800 on Monday buying into panic How I held a short and banked +100% In a time not so long ago jocks ruled the world. Landing all the pretty girls, driving sweet Trans Am sports cars and getting¬†scholarships¬†to accredited universities. All the while the […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.9.12 -Ye Maybe Small but Ye be Fierce +5500 net gains last week and +78% verified gains from Day Trade account in 2012 Lincoln Million swing account now stands at +190% gains in 5 months It was a dyno week at TheLincolnList with +30% gains on gimme shorts like OPHC PNBC and HEAT. […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.5.12 The HEAT is On. Trades $HEAT (4) +670 $POZN -40 $RENN -30 $VRNG +400 $TRIP +100 Total for day +1100 We got a nice follow through from HEAT which was on last¬†nights¬†watchlist. If you watched the video last night, I explained how these stocks often go a second day before they are […]