Lincoln Alerts 4.25.12- Shorty April is going to go down as the month of the short. Already up over 15k in massive shorts on FSLR OPHC PNBC SGOC and GTIM I have to give props to Michael in chat for¬†telling¬†me he called Trade Station and they had shares of ¬†GTIM available at the desk. And […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.24.12- ¬†I Think We’ve Done This Already Updates results from Lincoln Alerts Day Trade account Another 50% gainer short trade from Lincoln Million Swing account We have some repeat offenders dominating the list tonight. This SGOC is a blast to trade with it’s 5% moves every minute both up and down and GTIM […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.23.12. You Should Be Ashamed You have to read this post. You should be ashamed for not doing this. It was a slow grinder of a week but still a worthwhile trading endeavor. Crazy calls coming from the trade room and members are at an all time high. Get in the game

5 Years 2.4 Million People have done some wacky stuff for a million bucks. They’ve killed¬†family¬†members for life insurance, stole valuable insider business information and a Texas man once forged surgery documents so the doctor would cut off the wrong leg so he could sue for money. That’s bizarre. We’ve all thought about what we […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.20.12 The Land of Insipid Updated¬†results¬†from Lincoln Alerts Day Trade Room Updated¬†results¬†from Lincoln Million Swing Trade Room It’s been a snoozer the last two days. It’s hard to fight the boredom at times plus waiting stinks, in all forms.So I don’t have much to jibber about but complete off topic nonsense so I’ll […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.19.12 They Showed Their Dirty Faces Again Another 35% winner from Lincoln Million Swing Account Man, OPHC and PNBC After all the ranting I’ve done about OPHC and PNBC, I wet in my drawers when I saw those two fools up +30% this morning. I was all bummed out Trade Station didn’t have […]