Big ripster gap in the market on Tuesday. I’m not a fan of big gap ups. Usually on big gap ups you’ve already missed a majority of the good ¬†risk/reward moves and nobody sells anything so that makes buying pullbacks next to¬†impossible¬†and you ‘re stuck looking at stocks hanging out at high of day.On the […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.17.12 – Go With What You Know Top Short in Lincoln Million was just downgraded by Goldman Sachs Trades $YOKU -170 $VRNG +55 $ECYT -150 $OPHC +450 $ECYT +445 $VRNG +10 $RENN +100 Total +740 Bathing in the same water is an awesome strategy for trading. We see tons of traders scanning for […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.16.12 – What Does Your Headline Say? A must read post about how to stop being lied to Call Me Sensei Shorter with a gargantua¬†+6600 in gains last week¬† Lincoln Million Swing Account Crosses ¬†+210% in 4 months I’m off to a good start here in April and memberships are at an all […]

What Does Your Headline Say? There are always two headlines. The scary propaganda news headlines that the media scares the public with that are usually false and the headlines that you choose to¬†believe¬†and write for yourself. The financial media still has the majority of the public nuthugging on blue chips stocks so they can get […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.13.12 – It’s Not Like I Invented This This market is nuts. Everyday there is some guttermouth no¬†name¬†stock ¬†ripping +200%, only to get waxed the next day. There simply is not a easier, more accurate slam dunk way to make money as I discuss in this video here. Just look at my results […]