Lincoln Alerts 4.13.12 – It’s Not Like I Invented This

This market is nuts. Everyday there is some guttermouth no name stock  ripping +200%, only to get waxed the next day. There simply is not a easier, more accurate slam dunk way to make money as I discuss in this video here. Just look at my results for April alone on parabolic shorts .

VRNG +12%  +400

OPHC +44% +660

CREG +28% +690

HEAT +22% +925

PNBC +44% 615

OPHC-(2nd) 20% +1610

VRML 23% +785

SINO  +33% +775

That’s 8 for 8 +$6460 in dollar gains and about 250% in percentage gains. That doesn’t include NEWL FREE NFEC that I couldn’t locate shares for. Mind you I’m only trading average of 1000 share sizes on stocks that cost $3 bucks cause I’m to scared to trade big. Heck, if you traded 5k shares you would be up like $35,000! It’s not like I’m some innovator who invented this holy grail formula or using some magical indicator.I’m just a regular guy using some common sense from past experience, free software and doing a little research. All which I can easily show you without it costing you a dime

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