Lincoln Alerts 4.17.12 – Go With What You Know

Top Short in Lincoln Million was just downgraded by Goldman Sachs

Trades $YOKU -170 $VRNG +55 $ECYT -150 $OPHC +450 $ECYT +445 $VRNG +10 $RENN +100 Total +740

Bathing in the same water is an awesome strategy for trading. We see tons of traders scanning for too many stock or chasing overpriced China crap. That’s just too much work. All you need to do is latch on to a few stocks you have a relationship with and keep smacking them. There is no rule on how many times you can trade the same stock.

Take for example this OPHC I don’t know how many times I brought this up last week. I’ve made close to 10k this month shorting that thing. What do you think I did when I woke up Monday and saw that thing was up 70%. I’m thinking today is my lucky day again and it was. I figure this is the trading gods throwing me a bone for all the crap trades I’ve made. As I told you before I’m not that smart I just know this stock like an ex girlfriend or something. That’s just free money. Stick with what you know. It’s hard enough to make money sometimes no need for you to get fancy.

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