Lincoln Alerts 4.5.12 The HEAT is On.

Trades $HEAT (4) +670 $POZN -40 $RENN -30 $VRNG +400 $TRIP +100 Total for day +1100

We got a nice follow through from HEAT which was on last nights watchlist. If you watched the video last night, I explained how these stocks often go a second day before they are ready to be shorted. This offers a great buying opportunity before the short and that’s exactly what we did, capturing close to $1 in stock price in the morning before shorting it and capturing another 80c. I held some HEAT short overnight and right before the close the CEO says he has no idea why the stock is up. Now that thing is down another $1 from my second short. If you recall OPHC CEO said the same thing last week and the stock plumeted. Me thinks HEAT goes back to 3.

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