Lincoln Alerts 5.16.12- Dragon Slayer Lincoln Million Account is this close to +400% gains since November 2011 Trades XNPT +320 AKRX -150 YOKU -50 DKS -175 SPRD -100 ZNGA 0 YELP -120 GLUU +200 Total -75 Well, Monday I was a fire breathing dragon with a mythical prowess of perfection. Tuesday the dragon got slayed! […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.15.12- Enter The Dragon Trades $P +100 $SPRD +75$RPRX +250 $AH +100 $SYNC +170 $GMCR +100 $GRPN +250.Total +1015 I was so on fire Monday I felt like a fire breathing dragon with¬†mythological¬†powers .I mean one of those nasty power dragons like the ones painted on a 1970’s van It’s nice to run […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.2.12 Maiesta, Honor and Reverence ” It’s all about the bucks kid, everything else is conversational.” Gordon Gekko 1987 Sure feels good to be close to summer. The month of May is named after Maiesta, the Roman goddess of honor and reverence and was once the 3rd month in the Roman calendar. May […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.1.12 April Showers Bring May Money Flowers. I’m gonna miss April because of this View¬†all of April’s trades here April was a rain shower of ripe¬†opportunities. It seems like forever ago but those early shorts on GTIM FSLR PNBC OPHC and others were a nice way to start out the month. Outside of […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.17.12 – Go With What You Know Top Short in Lincoln Million was just downgraded by Goldman Sachs Trades $YOKU -170 $VRNG +55 $ECYT -150 $OPHC +450 $ECYT +445 $VRNG +10 $RENN +100 Total +740 Bathing in the same water is an awesome strategy for trading. We see tons of traders scanning for […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.13.12 – It’s Not Like I Invented This This market is nuts. Everyday there is some guttermouth no¬†name¬†stock ¬†ripping +200%, only to get waxed the next day. There simply is not a easier, more accurate slam dunk way to make money as I discuss in this video here. Just look at my results […]

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