Lincoln Alerts 5.16.12- Dragon Slayer

Lincoln Million Account is this close to +400% gains since November 2011

Trades XNPT +320 AKRX -150 YOKU -50 DKS -175 SPRD -100 ZNGA 0 YELP -120 GLUU +200 Total -75

Well, Monday I was a fire breathing dragon with a mythical prowess of perfection. Tuesday the dragon got slayed! I should’nt really say slayed but rather I scuffed one of my wings. It was back to teeth pulling mode again. The stocks are still there and so  are the patterns but if you get a small move in your direction it pays to schnitzel some off immediately. I allowed 3 trades that had small gains to turn into losses and that is certainly not what you want. I will say this though, there were awesome contributions from everybody in chat and the GRPN short was the play of the day. Unfortunately, I had to pass on that one because my broker had no borrows but it was awesome to see the members bank on it.

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