Push The Red Button I’ve made bookoo bills shorting stocks over the years just by pushing that red button in my brokerage account. As a matter of fact I’ve had over a dozen short trades that have netted over 50% gains each. View some of these here Last week I did a video on how to short […]

Check out the +70% win rate and +65% 2 month gain from Lincoln Million Swing account  And +25% month from Lincoln  Alert Day Trade Account   Ok, I get some strange emails but when I got this one I first choked on the peanut butter sandwich and then I said wow I have to ask. So I […]

Free Optionmania Webinar Register here        No high priced software or worthless DVD’s Yes, by huge demand it’s finally here.December 8th,15th and 22nd,- all times 4:30pm EST. I will be doing 3 free webinars on options, starting with the basics and working up to some very complex strategies. Best of all this is free! So before […]