Will You Be There For The Next 300%

Two special milestones reached this week in both Lincoln Alerts Day Trade service and the Lincoln Million Swing Trading service. The Lincoln Alerts Day Trade account crossed 100% in realized gains for 2012 and Lincoln Million Swing Trade account crossed 300% gains since inception ( 11.01.11). However, this post has less to do with my milestones but rather the milestones you have the ability to achieve, that’s if you have the hunger and you are with the right team.So I ask you, will you be there for the next 300%?

Here is a screenshot of my 50k day trade account crossing 100% gains. View full trades here

Here is Lincoln Million since inception. I remind you this account was started with only 1k. This is a whopping 300% account gain. I did a video on why I started an account on only 1k here.View full trades here

Here is a screenshot for this month alone with over +17k in realized gains with 1 day left. View full trades here

Okay, bla bla bla¬†enough¬†about me lets get to you. We’re all aware that our economy blows. Most people are working crap jobs with lower pay than they were 5 yrs ago. Not to¬†mention¬†extra long hours, tedious morning commutes and turds for bosses. The credit crisis of 08′ showed us that you can dedicate years or your life and blood to a company and they can yank the sheet right out from under you at any minute and crap on your future dreams. Is that really¬†where¬†you want to be?

Trading is the purest form of financial freedom .Trading offers you perks that simply can’t be matched, unlimited income, freedom to work when and where you want and an industry that will be here forever. However, most people who ever try trading will lose and give up because they were mislead from the beginning.

The trading arena is full of frauds ,cheats ,pumpers and senseless opinions. The problem is most people who venture into trading take advice from these very idiots. Idiots like the pumpers who lie to get you to buy a stock under false pretences or take advice from those so called professionals on  TV that give you nothing but stale worthless outdated information.

You have an opportunity to learn something that will last a lifetime. Something that can never be taken away from you but in order for this to work you must surround yourself with winners. I’ve spent years in this game and can show you first hand how this works. I don’t profess to be anything other than what I am- a full time trader. You see my results and I promise you no BS.I’m so confident in what I do I will let you trade with me for free so you can see for yourself. The question is, do you want to be there for the next 300%?

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