5 Years 2.4 Million People have done some wacky stuff for a million bucks. They’ve killed¬†family¬†members for life insurance, stole valuable insider business information and a Texas man once forged surgery documents so the doctor would cut off the wrong leg so he could sue for money. That’s bizarre. We’ve all thought about what we […]

What Does Your Headline Say? There are always two headlines. The scary propaganda news headlines that the media scares the public with that are usually false and the headlines that you choose to¬†believe¬†and write for yourself. The financial media still has the majority of the public nuthugging on blue chips stocks so they can get […]

Push The Red Button I’ve made bookoo bills shorting stocks over the years just by pushing that red button in my brokerage account. As a matter of fact I’ve had over a dozen short trades that have netted over 50% gains each. View some of¬†these¬†here Last week I did a video on how to short […]

Check out the +70% win rate and +65% 2 month gain from Lincoln Million Swing account¬† And +25% month from Lincoln¬† Alert Day Trade Account ¬†¬†Ok, I get some strange emails but when I got this one I first choked on the peanut butter sandwich and then I said wow¬†I have to ask. So I […]