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My followers and members of already know I’m a bona fide and proven daytrader . I  back up my +400%  anual gains everyday in my live LincolnAlerts trade room– in real time. But you may not know how impressive this chart is. If you guessed that this was a good chart, you’re not kidding!


That’s one straight up chart. So what is it? That is the gain performance chart of the LincolnMillion swing trade program! Since inception ( November 01st 2011) the Lincoln Million account has returned a stupendous 100%. Just think, that could easily be YOUR account. Here is the full states as verified by

View the whole state page here

Then zero in on these stats , 22 trades with a +72% winning percentage and an average gain of +19% pr trade!

Some may not remember but I started this account with only $1,000 dollars.I told the story in this video. So I am unable to make day trades and “flip” positions, all trades are held between 2 to 6 days. Do the math, if you had a 25k account  and followed Lincoln Million trades you would have 50k and if you had 100k you would have 200k all in 3 months.

I could quit now and out perform every mutual fund, bank CD, and investment firm for the next 8 years. And you know what? You could too.

If you are disgusted with sub par portfolio gains and you really want to see your money grow, without having to sit behind a computer, I have an offer for you. FOR A LIMITED TIME you can test drive the  Lincoln Million swing program for 14 days for the low price of nothing. That’s right zero dollars and I wont even ask you for a credit card number!

Just send an email to and put “Show me the money” in the subject line and I’ll show you how this is done.

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