Lincoln Alerts 4.25.12- Shorty April is going to go down as the month of the short. Already up over 15k in massive shorts on FSLR OPHC PNBC SGOC and GTIM I have to give props to Michael in chat for telling me he called Trade Station and they had shares of  GTIM available at the desk. And […]

Big ripster gap in the market on Tuesday. I’m not a fan of big gap ups. Usually on big gap ups you’ve already missed a majority of the good  risk/reward moves and nobody sells anything so that makes buying pullbacks next to impossible and you ‘re stuck looking at stocks hanging out at high of day.On the […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.17.12 – Go With What You Know Top Short in Lincoln Million was just downgraded by Goldman Sachs Trades $YOKU -170 $VRNG +55 $ECYT -150 $OPHC +450 $ECYT +445 $VRNG +10 $RENN +100 Total +740 Bathing in the same water is an awesome strategy for trading. We see tons of traders scanning for […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.11.12 ” You Can’t Win but You Sure Can Lose My 5th straight +50%  gaining short trade in April Take TheLincoln for a test drive Those who follow racing series of any kind know there is a saying that goes ” You can’t win the championship in the first race but you can […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.5.12 The HEAT is On. Trades $HEAT (4) +670 $POZN -40 $RENN -30 $VRNG +400 $TRIP +100 Total for day +1100 We got a nice follow through from HEAT which was on last nights watchlist. If you watched the video last night, I explained how these stocks often go a second day before they are […]

Stock Watch 1.10.12 “Sympathy Plays” Free all access pass to No credit card required Manic Monday!–+820 in booked gains from day trade account +80 % realized gains in 2 months from Lincoln Million Swing account. Solid day with nice sympathy plays on AVL MCP and JVA. Those were all repeats from Friday as well. […]