Lincoln Alerts Stocks for 11.14.12 Need some help trading? Train with me for 14 days for $1 dollar Check the performance numbers for both Lincoln Million Swing Account and Lincoln Alerts Day trade account Watchlist GILD DVAX CLNE ARII

Lincoln Alerts 7.18.12- A Pharma a Day Keeps You Paid Update stats for both Swing and Daytrade programs here Stingy but progressive is the theme. Both LincolnList programs are putting up consistant and profitable numbers no matter what the market does. ¬†My excitement as of late is the addition of Lincoln Alerts ( Day Trading […]

Lincoln Alerts- 7.5.12- Auto Bot To start off I’m excited that auto trading will be available for Lincoln Alerts in the very very near future, like days. The auto trade feature has been working real well in the Lincoln Million Swing program so I think this will be another great feature for TheLincolnList. When you […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.23.12. A Storm Is Coming TheLincolnList is starting to become synonyms with monster profits. Right out of the gate we closed out another double digit short trade on EFUT from The Lincoln Million Swing Program. The last few short trades from Lincoln Million look like this OPHC +44% ARNA +30% FSLR +51% JIVE […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.18.12 BSET by No Woes. I was just rambling about the +100% gains in the last 2 weeks¬†along¬†with 9¬†straight¬†double¬†digit¬†gainer trades from¬†the¬†Lincoln Million Swing Program yesterday¬†and now you might as well make it a perfect 10! With the close of our BSET, short, which was a +11% gainer, Lincoln Million Swing positions have gone […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.14.12- I’m a Loser and Proud of It. Great post on losing like a champion Alright, it’s back to work time and I’m ready to go. Still in a hit and run penny pinching mode with these trades as of late but that is how it is

Lincoln Alerts 5.24.12– LEAP of Faith We’re making the market dance It was burning down the house time in the chat room Wednesday. We had some nice calls that we came close to top ticking on LEAP short and SPY bottom bouncer. Then everybody just started tweeting about TheLincolnList. Well, maybe we got a little¬†overexcited¬†as […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.2.12 Maiesta, Honor and Reverence ” It’s all about the bucks kid, everything else is conversational.” Gordon Gekko 1987 Sure feels good to be close to summer. The month of May is named after Maiesta, the Roman goddess of honor and reverence and was once the 3rd month in the Roman calendar. May […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.1.12 April Showers Bring May Money Flowers. I’m gonna miss April because of this View¬†all of April’s trades here April was a rain shower of ripe¬†opportunities. It seems like forever ago but those early shorts on GTIM FSLR PNBC OPHC and others were a nice way to start out the month. Outside of […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.27.12 ¬†Milestones Two special milestones were reached today . One being my 50k¬†day trade¬†account reached 100%¬†realized¬†gains for 2012 and my Lincoln Million swing account crossed the 300% mark in just 6 months. I don’t need to tell you how cool that is, you can read :).What the best part of this is is […]