Lincoln Million 4.1.13 NEW! New post How to Streak Now that March is behind us the Lincoln Million program is in full stride. Currently we are matching the same percentage and dollar pace as last year and we know how good of a year was in 2012. I have updated all the positions and all […]

How to Streak- The right way NEW! Just finished up my 92nd straight month with profit. To celebrate the achievement Lincoln Alerts trade room will have a 14 day free trial. Click here for details The dictionary defines streaks as an uninterrupted, repetitive series of events.As I outlined in this post Friday, March of 2013 […]

Lincoln Million 3.28.13 Super busy day for Lincoln Million. Normally we see about 2 trades a week but today I think I sent out 40 emails. There were just so many set up rolling and I wanted to trade them all. Anyway, a big congrats to those who took the double wins on ANAC and […]

Lincoln Million 3.26.13 I have quite a few videos for you this evening. First I have an outline of the STXS trade.The second video is new adjusted stops and targets for open positions and the last video is the watchlist STXS trade Position updates PAY CALI HK CLIR Watchlist GDOT HIMX ACAD HERO GLUU

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