How to Streak- The right way

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The dictionary defines streaks as an uninterrupted, repetitive series of events.As I outlined in this post Friday, March of 2013 marked my 92nd straight month I profited as a trader. My current winning streak dates all the way back to August of 2005 and has accounted for almost 2 Million dollars in trading profits which averages out to about $250,000 every year!

The beautiful thing about streaks is they have to start somewhere and when they do start you have no idea that you are in the beginning stages of something special.However, for any streak to exist you have to start the changing process and take the first step.

Streaks create legends and set standards for the way things should be done. Below are some famous streaks

Cal Ripken, Jr.- 2,632 consecutive games played


Wayne Gretzky- 51 consecutive games with a point


Joe Dimaggio- 56 consecutive games with a hit


Doug The Lincoln 92 Straight months of trading profits


The most important thing for any streak to survive is not focusing on the streak itself. All of these individuals, including myself, just focused on the task at hand and in the midst of that developed an impressive run of consistency. Also, these feats set new standards an allowed others to rethink what was possible.

For years I have been preaching to whomever would listen that trading isn’t about making money. It’s about making good trades. My shift in success came when I stopped chasing home runs and went with the “one trade at a time” mentality. As soon as I focused on the trade itself rather than how much money I might make everything just came together.

When I finished in the positive on my trading¬†account¬†in August of 2005. I had no idea it would go this far and if you told me back then that I¬†wouldn’t¬†have had a loosing month still in March of 2013 I would have laughed for sure. Perhaps at this moment you may feel the same as I did. You may feel there is no way you could do this but I would beg to differ.

You have to ask yourself how important is it for you to be a long term successful trader and at what price are you willing to pay to get it. The formulas I teach day in and day out create successful traders. Traders who can thrive in all markets. Traders who win almost every day of the week. Traders who trade relaxed and drama free because their life savings are not on the line with one trade. Traders who trade with confidence and power and above all traders that win.

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