Lincoln Alerts Stocks For 4.1.13

NEW! Just finished up my 92nd straight month with profit. To celebrate the achievement Lincoln Alerts trade room will have a 14 day free trial. Click here for details

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It was another solid an consistent month and as you know by now March was my 92nd straight month of trading profits not to mention I have made about 2 million dollars within that time, most of it in my pajamas. However, I’m not out to bang the chest here my mission is to share this experience with others and teach them the lessons I have learned along the away. My story is well documented on how I blew up my account in 2001 and I lost over 162,000 only to rebound a millionaire.You can watch my story video here

To celebrate this achievement and to pass my fortunes on to others for a limited time Lincoln Alerts will have a free 14 day trial. Click here for details

Watchlist 4.1.13 RPRX MLNX CLF FIRE LIVE

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