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See how your entire income bracket can change in just the first lesson!

Champ Camp is the premiere stock trading course for traders who want the very best hands on stock market training. Give me a few hours and I will give you a lifetime of success.


The First Step To Your Success Starts July 14th 2014

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Over 40 Hours of Intense Stock Market Training -2 Live Sessions And



14 Days Of Hands On Intense Training. Over 40 Hours Worth

One to One Personal Coaching And Development

The Formula To Profiting Daily No Matter What State The Market Is In

How To Make Trading A Career In Less Than 3 Months

How To Find The Right Stocks To Trade

Mindset And Psychological Development

How To Get Firms To Margin You Large Amounts Of Capital

Tape reading

5 patterns that have made me rich

Advanced Charting Techniques

A Downloadable Link To All Classes That Can Be Viewed At Your Leisure

Unlimited Retakes To Future Courses

Two Free Months To TheLincolnList Live Trade Room: A 250 Value *

Plus every detail no matter how large or small that took me form the verge of bankruptcy 9 years ago to a daily profit paterfamilias.

Do You Want To Be Great?

Ara Parasheghian said- A good coach will make their people see what they can be rather than what they are. Are you ready to bring out the best in yourself? The greatness,consistency and success you are looking for is right in front of you but only if you a willing to step up to the challenge. I can show you exactly what it took for me to recover from 29 straight losing months and over -$162,000 in trading losses. I can show you how to build a long term sustainable trading business no matter where you are at right now with your trading career. Good, bad or god awful disastrous, I can turn your trading around in just the first lesson. With 14 years of trading experience and two trading newsletters with over triple digit percentage gains in 2014, your game will be raised to a level you thought was previously unattainable.

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Learn To Trade Like This

Champ Camp

And Like These Past Champ Camp Students

Doug, After 3 Champ Camp lessons in I cant believe the improvement to my trading. Everything just seemed to click all at once like a light bulb went off in my empty head lol. I can’t wait to see the improvement after the full course.


Where do I start! Unbelievable might be the right word. At first I didn’t think anyone could shed light or for that matter help me out of my dismal trading but since taking Champ Camp I immediately have seen a rise in my consistency and profits.


And Like This Guy Who Trades While Traveling to Formula 1 Races All Summer!


It Is Time To Trader Up

With all of this riding on the line from trade to trade ,day by day,you can not afford to be stubborn? Why would you wing it or improvise? Why would you rely on hope, luck and shortcuts? No individual who’s main goal is to attain the perfect life for themselves and their family would fight the the wild dogs of Wall Street all alone. As I learned the hard way many years ago there is no honor stubbornness only ignorance.

¬†”Champ Camp”

The name says it all. “If you want to be a champ you must attend the camp”. Champ Camp features every trick, tactic and strategy that has made me a profitable trader for 10 years running. With over 35 hours of comprehensive live one on one training you simply can not learn faster and reach your financial goals quicker than by attending Champ Camp. Courses are only held 4 times per year and slots fill fast

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If you feel like every move you make is the opposite of what the market is doing. If you find yourself working harder and harder each month only to find yourself further and further in the hole with no answers.Or if you just want to be better today than you were yesterday then this course is for you.

Everything about where I was years ago and where I am now, where you are now and where you want to be is in this course. The question is will you be in this course?

Next Course starts July 14th 2014. All courses are live and will be recorded for later viewing and study. Over 35 hours of professional training

Here is the schedule

Week 1 July 14-15-17
Week 2 July 21-22-24
Week 3 July 28-29-31
Week 4 August 4-5-7
Week 5 August 11-13 ( These are Live Trading Sessions)

Only 699.99 Until 6.29.14 $899 After

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Once Paid There Are No Refunds On This Course
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