Lincoln Million 3.25.13 I had just noticed over the weekend that Constant Contact did not deliver the email on the CLIR trade. It my 2 years of dealing with them this has never happened.I have recently switched to Awebber so I hope this eliminates further issues. My apologies for the mistake. The good thing is […]

How to make +300k detailed I have just eclipsed +$300,000 in day trade profits over the last 15 months.I think the better story is that along the way TheLincolnList subscribers have amassed over a million dollars in gains and hundreds have fulfilled a life long dream becoming professional, full time traders.If you are looking to […]

Lincoln Alerts 3.21.13 Over 700 in gains for me on Wednesday. This puts me close to +300,000 in Lincoln Alert profits in the last 15 months Watch this free training video – Two times is better than one. Watchlist for 3.21.13 $UNXL $FRAN $AE $NTWK

Lincoln Million 3.21.13 Well, it was time to ditch the CZR. That stock flashed a few good looks to the dowside but like so many stocks we have seen this year it made a miraculour recovery. Smetimes you have to take you crumbs in this business. Also tonight I go over the PAY trade and […]

This trade just added to the previous +10% gains I have already made on this stock. This is a tier 1 set up that I have detailed in this video right here Also this puts the Lincoln Million account up +900% since inception ( November 1st 2011) You can see all trades here I predict […]

Lincoln Million 3.19.13 Got a few nice set ups on tonights watch. i’m trying a new screencastes as the old format is capped at 5 minutes in length and Im runningout of storage which means you can’t always see the videos. From forst glance it takes a moment to load this watchlist ( like) 10 […]