Lincoln Alerts 12.28.12- Worlds Over- World Is Not Over Just yesterday I mentioned in my post that the beauty of being a trader is you never know what is going to happen next and Thursday showed that. Look at the SPY chart for the day. It almost finished the day right where it started. As […]

Lincoln Alerts 12.27.12 Nice day back to work after Christmas. We went 7 for 8 on trades and found a real gem in DQ. This was a nice trade all day. Every time I think of DQ though I think of the Dairy Queen. However, DQ the stock is not the tasty Dairy Queen ¬†it […]

Lincoln Alerts 12.17.12 Over +6,000 in profits from the day trade room these last few days¬† and these overnight winners from the Lincoln Million swing program MCP FB VVUS MNST JIVE It’s nice to put the finishing touches on what has been a great year for TheLincolnList. You are going to want to be a […]

Lincoln Alerts 12.7.12 Well, after a huge week in performance I have to say I dropped the ball Thursday on GMCR. I dominated that thing all day Wednesday for close to 1k in profits and I was holding some nice size short overnight from Wednesday and as soon as the market opens she is just […]

Lincoln Alerts 12.6.12 Trades¬†$GMCR¬†+200¬†$GMCR¬†+340¬†$EDU+50¬†$EDU¬†-25¬†$FSLR¬†+175¬†$FSLR¬†-50$MMR¬†-30¬†$GMCR¬†+90¬†$GMCR¬†+250 total +1008 Say What?? With 2 wins this week Lincolm Million hits 9 winners in a row Time to load up and save Deal ends soon Another sweet day in the trade room with over +1k in gains for myself and a good 15k for members. I¬†could¬†not have played GMCR any […]

Lincoln Alerts 11.29.12 Last 5 Lincoln Million trades $SYSM +6% $INSM +5% $MTSL +9% $FSLR +2% $TASR +4.5%. Get in on the 6th one What a wild day. Market tanks -100 then rips +100 what a crazy 200 point swing. There was some good stuff¬†early¬†and I was batting 100% on trades then I had to […]

Lincoln Alerts Stocks for 11.26.12 Last Day to join my Million Dollar Challenge Free Big week for us in the trade room even through the holidays. These high RSI stocks are turning in big profits. I just did a detailed lesson on how to read the charts on them¬†you can view it here¬† The trade […]