Lincoln Alerts 11.29.12

Last 5 Lincoln Million trades $SYSM +6% $INSM +5% $MTSL +9% $FSLR +2% $TASR +4.5%. Get in on the 6th one

What a wild day. Market tanks -100 then rips +100 what a crazy 200 point swing. There was some good stuff early and I was batting 100% on trades then I had to mess with GMCR and that scratched me out for the day.That happens, when the opportunity is there you have to take it, most of the time it works but sometimes it doesn’t. On the other hand the auto trading feature for Lincoln Million is on fire. I cant think of an easier way to sit around and get paid for doing nothing. I wish I could join it myself but then no one would be around to trade it. We all have our place.

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