Lincoln Alerts 12.7.12

Well, after a huge week in performance I have to say I dropped the ball Thursday on GMCR. I dominated that thing all day Wednesday for close to 1k in profits and I was holding some nice size short overnight from Wednesday and as soon as the market opens she is just laying there all vulnerable┬áscreaming ┬á“short me!!! short me !!! short me more!!! so I did. Then as soon as it starts tanking ┬áI covered.Lame! A stock that has been up that much in such a short time always has the tankability factor and you should keep some position open for a lotto play. However, ┬áeven with the early cover there had to be at least 5 more quality short entries that I┬ádidn’t┬ámaximize. Anyway, whats done is done. Sometimes it works way. As I have said so many times in the past the┬áanatomy┬áof a trade is idea, execution and management. You need all 3 of those component to survive as a trader.

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