Lincoln Alerts 12.6.12

Trades $GMCR +200 $GMCR +340 $EDU+50 $EDU -25 $FSLR +175 $FSLR -50$MMR -30 $GMCR +90 $GMCR +250 total +1008

Say What?? With 2 wins this week Lincolm Million hits 9 winners in a row

Time to load up and save Deal ends soon

Another sweet day in the trade room with over +1k in gains for myself and a good 15k for members. I could not have played GMCR any better than I did and I went over that last night in the watchlist. Take a look at the live trade calls here. You can match up the times and see the at TheLincolnList there is no front running, late entries or pumps. That means all members can easily get in and out of all these trades and get paid. To top that off Lincoln Million has hit 9 straight winners in a row for a total of +38%

Have mercy on your bank account and take the trial


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