Lincoln Alerts 5.24.12– LEAP of Faith We’re making the market dance It was burning down the house time in the chat room Wednesday. We had some nice calls that we came close to top ticking on LEAP short and SPY bottom bouncer. Then everybody just started tweeting about TheLincolnList. Well, maybe we got a littleĀ overexcitedĀ as […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.7.12 The Nostalgia of Tabitha, Monte Carloā€™s and Steve Miller New blog post. Let’s just say it is different. First off chat hit an all time high Friday and I’m pretty proud of that. I want to thank everybody for being there and enjoying the ride. It’s only going to get better. Anyway […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.4.12 -You Get Paid To Hang Out With Me. A nice +1k day for me on Thursday but get this, there were a few people spendingĀ theirĀ first day in the Lincoln Alerts trade room on a free trial that made in excess of $400 each. Man, that’s awesome but that just the kind of […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.2.12 Maiesta, Honor and Reverence ” It’s all about the bucks kid, everything else is conversational.” Gordon Gekko 1987 Sure feels good to be close to summer. The month of May is named after Maiesta, the Roman goddess of honor and reverence and was once the 3rd month in the Roman calendar. May […]

Lincoln Alerts 5.1.12 April Showers Bring May Money Flowers. I’m gonna miss April because of this ViewĀ all of April’s trades here April was a rain shower of ripeĀ opportunities. It seems like forever ago but those early shorts on GTIM FSLR PNBC OPHC and others were a nice way to start out the month. Outside of […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.25.12- Shorty April is going to go down as the month of the short. Already up over 15k in massive shorts on FSLR OPHC PNBC SGOC and GTIM I have to give props to Michael in chat forĀ tellingĀ me he called Trade Station and they had shares of Ā GTIM available at the desk. And […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.24.12- Ā I Think We’ve Done This Already Updates results from Lincoln Alerts Day Trade account Another 50% gainer short trade from Lincoln Million Swing account We have some repeat offenders dominating the list tonight. This SGOC is a blast to trade with it’s 5% moves every minute both up and down and GTIM […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.23.12. You Should Be Ashamed You have to read this post. You should be ashamed for not doing this. It was a slow grinder of a week but still aĀ worthwhileĀ trading endeavor. Crazy calls coming from the trade room and members are at an all time high. Get in the game

5 Years 2.4 Million People have done some wacky stuff for a million bucks. They’ve killedĀ familyĀ members for life insurance, stole valuable insider business information and a Texas man once forged surgery documents so the doctor would cut off the wrong leg so he could sue for money. That’s bizarre. We’ve all thought about what we […]

Lincoln Alerts 4.17.12 – Go With What You Know Top Short in Lincoln Million was just downgraded by Goldman Sachs Trades $YOKU -170 $VRNG +55 $ECYT -150 $OPHC +450 $ECYT +445 $VRNG +10 $RENN +100 Total +740 Bathing in the same water is an awesome strategy for trading. We see tons of traders scanning for […]