Stock Watch 12.22.11 ” Dorian Gray” Reminder the final Optionmania webinar is Thursday 12.22.11 4:30 EST You may have seen the recent film Dorian Gray .Dorian Gray is a young and handsome man whose well-off friend Lord Henry takes him to an art-loving painter, Basil Hallward. The painter obsessed with his robust handsomeness paints a picture of […]

Stock Watch 12.20.11 ” Blind Faith” Trading requires a bit of blind faith. To succeed you must trust yourself, your system and the people around you.  I get a lot of emails from traders struggling with their ability to believe in themselves and “pull the trigger”. As it is partly my mission to motivate you I couldn’t help but […]

Check out the +70% win rate and +65% 2 month gain from Lincoln Million Swing account  And +25% month from Lincoln  Alert Day Trade Account   Ok, I get some strange emails but when I got this one I first choked on the peanut butter sandwich and then I said wow I have to ask. So I […]