Stock Watchlist 1.5.11 There were just too many plays Tuesday and this watchlist is full of potential. I have to slow the pace down somewhat Wednesday ( providing there is a pace that needs slowed ). In attempt to find awesome plays in chat I have missed a ton of set ups and closed out a […]

Stock Watchlist 1.4.11 ” They keep going” These rare earths have created a mining frienzy. Every miner and there uncle are publishing videos and reports to connect themselves to rare earth. CWRN posted this one. How classy Anyway I made some money on REE so I wont complain. Have to ride the waves of […]

Stock Watchlist “1.3.10 I mean 1.3.11” Now that 2010 is officially behind us, lets start out the year solid. Lot’s of good plays. Watchlist: CHGS SCOK PIP BPZ PLM TII Scanners: MEA EDMC SPF CHGS It’s probably about time for these minerals and rare earths to take a rest. This is the worst one of the […]

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