Stock Watch 10.31.11 ” Snowman” +32% Realized gains in my daytrading account for October The Lincoln Million swing program is now live I just got to PA on Saturday and¬† was I¬†cant tell you how¬†happy I was¬†¬†to see record cold and snowfall for this time of year ( sarcasm ). Leaving the comfortable San Diego […]

Stock Watch 10.25.11″ Floating Trash” As you may have heard 20 tons of floating trash from the Japanese tsunami is headed to America. Story here. That’s not the only¬†foreign floating trash headed our way¬†as 20 tons of China micro trash caps cut loose on Monday. Anytime you see stocks like MOBI and BORN going […]

Stock Watch 10.24.11 “Don’t follow the leader, be the leader!” The Lincoln Million free webinar is this Wednesday.¬†Be prepared to break some financial boundaries-¬†don’t miss it. Register here. It was a solid week all around in the Trade room. It’s so nice to see the students stepping up their game, pitching in on trading tips […]