Stock Watch 10.18.11 ” Energetic” 12 days left until the start of my Lincoln Million Trading Program. I’ll be adding another video for Lincoln Million explaining the power of compounding and how quickly balances can grow. But for now if you want the opportunity to make  money swing trading click here. There are tons on small […]

Stock Watch 10.17.11″ Bodacious” The New Lincoln Million Dollar Trading Program is here. Watch video. In the 1990s there was a legendary Rodeo bull named Bodacious. Bodacious was known as“The World’s Most Dangerous Bull.” His patented move was stomping bull riders in the face. In 1995, a rider Scott Breding tried wearing a hockey mask. However, this […]

Stock Watch 10.10.11.” American Fraudster” In U.S schools you are taught at an early age in history class that Christopher Columbus’s discovered America. However what you were never told was that Columbus “discovered” a land that was not only already inhabited by millions of people but was also previously “discovered” by Europeans 500 years earlier. Also, Columbus was credited for […]