Stock Watch 10.28.11″ The Rage of San Fermin”

Saint Fermin is said to have been the son of a Roman senatorial rank in Pamplona Spain during the 3rd century (also known as San Fermin de Amiens) . He traveled the world widely from a young age and preached the Christian doctrine, was made a bishop at the age of 24 before being martyred at the age of 31.

The legend is San Fermin was decapitated and tied to a bull and dragged through the streets of Pamplona. Thus creating what we know now as the Festival of San Fermin or ” The running of the bulls”. I would say that in stock market terms this recent run of the Sanfermine has decapitated shorts and drug them through the street. However, unlike St Fermin who was unable to seek out revenge, the stock market always comes around full circle. So most likely in the near future I will be doing a post on the Bear festival held at the ?eský KrumlovCastle. Stay tuned


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