Stock Watch 10.18.11 ” Energetic”

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There are tons on small energies and oil stocks bouncing off the bottom.Some of them are certainly overdone but they still can go higher.On another note the market finally got a nice sell off but many of the small caps avoided the damage. This could be a good or bad thing. We’ll know in a few days. Outside of the watchlist keep these on watch-  BDCO EP LEI.


Fading nicely from $4 resistance. I like this stock short on any morning strength . A break of $3 sends this much lower


We’ve been following this stock for 2 days now and there has been virtually no down ticks. I would like to see a move towards 3.30  to short. Or will look to short failed breakouts.


Big late day parabolic move that had 2 complete waves. I tried  2 shorts on it and went 50/50. Stocks coming off the bottom so it could run.


This had the makings of a huge breakout but was weighed down at $4. That’s the magic number for this. It it breaks $4 on volume it can roll. Otherwise the run is done.


Nice clean breakout at 2.62. Could easily be a $3 print on this if the volume comes in it tomorrow. Look for red to green move or monitor the dips to see if they get bought up.

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