5 Reasons People Dont Achieve Their Goals

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There is always a “______” (Fill in the blank)

You know what we mean here there is always the excuse. ” I dont have enough money” ” I will when the kids leave the house”  ” Now is not a good time” ” I’ll start after the holidays” etc. I can tell you after starting several businesses myself there is never the “perfect time”. There is never enough money, there is always a family member or close friend telling you that you can’t do it and there’s always a financial obligation looming over your head. As a matter of fact I believe the worse off you are financially and the closer your back is to the wall the more likely you will succeed. We have an amazing ability to dig deep and find the inner strength when we needed the most. Don’t allow life’s circumstances to get in your way of living the life you deserve.

You don’t have smaller goals

The purpose of setting smaller goals on your way to larger goals is to get your mind into the “achievement belief” mode. You  must instill beliefs in yourself that you are capable of achieving a said goal. Rewarding yourself along the way for what you have achieved in smaller steps will also help lock in your focus and increase your chances of achieving the big goal.

It was harder than you thought

There’s always the hope that you will uninhibited rise the top and achieve all of your goals as quickly as you have imagined, like overnight, but that rarely happens. For every successful person you see on the outside there is a deep rooted history of struggle, hardship and sleepless nights. If you look back on your life everything you ever achieved of value never came easy. Love friendships business or anything you have of value now you worked hard to get and that is also what makes it so special. With every new journey there will be bumps along the road. Not only should you prepare yourself to be challenged you should also embrace those hardships along the way because it’s those very hardships that will build your character and make you a stronger and better person in the long run.

You Let People Get To You

I’m sure you’ve already figured this out, the world is full of “goal killers”. It seems like every time you have a positive thought or a moment of clarity somebody is always there to tell you it won’t work or to tell you that you’re not capable of achieving it. Problem with this is often times this person is someone you know like a family member or a friend. Don’t let this be a deterrent, rather use this as motivation. Use this as an opportunity to prove your naysayers wrong. Because the truth is whether you succeed or not you are still the winner because these people are only telling you you can’t do it because they have their own insecurities and are so emotionally bitter because they realize they’ve never lived up to their own expectations. They’re too afraid to try ideas themselves and the last thing they want to see is you take the initiative and make it work and turn out to be wildly successful. Ignore these people they mean nothing to your overall goals

You Dont Change

Our brains simply hate change but to achieve anything you’re going to have to alter your goals and sometimes change the way you do things. For for every business I have ever tried no matter how much research I did and no matter how much I thought I had every angle covered there is always a variable that is out of your control. No matter what you do something will happen that you were not prepared for and that is just how life works. If you expect to survive and thrive for several years at certain times you will have no choice but to change. Things like technology, laws, partnerships and economic climate may severely alter the landscape of your business. In order for you to survive these times you will have to change even if you don’t like doing so.

Remember that every goal that you set you’re making a personal challenge to yourself. Whether that goal is achieved or not achieved the direct beneficiary of the good and the bad is you. You are the one responsible for the outcome. It doesn’t matter if the economy changed, the technology changed, your competitors destroyed you and you ran out of money, you are responsible for what happened. However, it is important that if you did not achieve your goals that you learned from the mistakes that you made. Because if you do that the experience that you have gained is priceless and in my opinion you achieved the ultimate goal which is knowledge. Because as long as you live no one will ever be able to take away what you have learned and the experiences that you have gained.

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