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How many times have you or someone you know has said ” I just need to win the lottery”? Probably alot right?  Well you may need to be careful what you wish for. According to the lottery commission over 45% of all lotto winners will loose their entire winnings in 4 years or less and within 10 years a staggering 70% will be penniless!

This should not be a shock because if you “win” money and you never had to work for it it takes away the sacrifice. Those who get rich on their own merits remembered the long journey it took to get there. They remember the blood,tears and countless sacrifices they had to make to realize their dreams. In doing that they develop a respect for what it takes and as any millionaire will tell you it is harder to keep your millions that it was to earn your millions. Once people know you are rich they will swarm around you like vultures looking for a free ride.

Take a look at this list below highlighting some of the most notorious lotto failures

lotto infograph




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