Stock Watch 2.8.12 ” 6 figure Bonuses at Goldmans called a Bloodbath” The last few years have been so good for these mammoth financial institutions that employees cant stomach their measly 6 figure bonuses now that they are cutting back. This article claims one Goldman employee was in tears and referred to these bonuses as […]

Stock Watch 1.23.12 ” Wonder Woman” Last few days of my free trial with no C.C required +1.8k in 4 days on a 50k account Do you think this is smart? Many evil¬†villains¬†tried to kill the mighty Wonder Woman superhero buy shooting her but she¬†wasn’t¬†having any of it. ¬†One of her go to strengths was […]

Stock Watch 1.9.12 ” Chipping Away” Trade with me live. No credit card required This is how chipping works¬†¬† Trading is a performance driven business. Often traders focus too much on chasing performance rather than chasing consistency. Real money in trading comes from committing to your plan and focusing on one trade at a time. […]

Stock Watch 8.5.11 ” F.E.A.R.” ¬†Some of you may have heard the phrase¬† F.E.A.R. -False Evidence Appearing Real. Panic and fear supersede greed on every level. The foolish investors who bought into the Governments sales pitch of an economic recovery, the same investors who were blabbing at the mouth¬†during the monster market run since November […]

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